“If reincarnation is real, I hope I come back as a dog. Specifically, I hope I come back as Rebecca Heishman’s dog. I (and every dog lover!) cannot help but feel warm from the joy that Rebecca’s tales radiate.  Rebecca is grateful for the ‘lift’ writing gives her. I am grateful Rebecca discovered her gift and shares it so delightfully.”
Retired Indiana columnist for The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Kentucky and now writes a weekly features column for The News and Tribune in Southern Indiana
“Many authors talk the talk, but Rebecca Heishman also walks the walk! She tirelessly agrees to book signings in order to generate additional proceeds for various regional animal welfare/rescue organizations. Her Millie, a rescue dog, has inspired her to help the countless others like her who are in need of forever homes. It may seem like a small act, but her generosity makes a difference in the lives of canines and felines.”
Editor of The Corydon Democrat
“A simple Facebook message brought me to Rebecca and her writings, while they are not the writings the public would expect an adrenaline-driven MMA fighter/vigilante dog-rescuer to read, they have opened my eyes to the parallel worlds for which Rebecca and I share. While Rebecca escapes the cruelties of the real world and her disease through her stories of The Misty Neighborhood and Millie, I myself escape the cruelties of what I see and my own diseases through the gym and my fights in the cage. No matter who you are, you deserve an escape—these pages offer that escape through The Misadventures of Millie. Thank you to Rebecca Heishman for sharing this escape with me and for being an angel and voice for the dogs.”
Mixed Martial Arts Fighter/Independent            Cruelty Investigator/Animal Rights Advocate
“Rebecca Heishman is an avid promoter for animal rescue and adoption. She provides regular updates on Facebook for animals who need our help. The Misadventures of Millie series reflects this as she tells stories of a lovely dog who found a home. During the previous year I worked on the Quillective Project supporting no-kill shelters and believe Rebecca captures the spirit of our work. Her public events raise funds for animal welfare and rescue groups. Truly an author to support and a cause to remember.”
BEN DITMARS, Author of Night Poems, Haiku in the Night and contributor to Four Paws (The Quillective Project)

“I would love to share with you how amazing I think Becky is. She is a wonderful advocate for rescues. The writing of her books and donating the proceeds is making it possible to help the less fortunate animals.​ I have personally received books from Becky to donate to different rescue organizations here in San Francisco for use at auctions to raise funds.”
Animal Rights Advocate
Owner, Pooch Park Wear – San Francisco, California

“Rebecca Heishman’s writings and imagination are precious! Rodney is so adorable that he makes you want to write politicians worldwide and ban the use of inhumane mouse traps (we’re working on puppy mills, Millie!). Rebecca’s ability to read a dog is so precise that every time I read one of her books, I want her to come over to my house and tell me what my dog is saying.”
President, Piece of My Heart Rescue
“Author Rebecca Heishman and I share many things. We are proud Hoosiers, we are writers and we share a love for nature. But one of the most important things we share is the love we feel for our companion animals. Rebecca’s writing reflects the passion she feels for animals in need. If you love animals, humor and dog wisdom, this book will fulfill your needs.”
Author of WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty, Cynthia’s Attic Series (Young Readers), The Adventures of Max and Maddie (Tweens) and mom to a sweet rescued dog named Lucy
“Rebecca Heishman’s passion for animals is clear and the Floyd County Animal Rescue League is delighted to be one of the many organizations she has graciously supported through her writing. Mrs. Heishman reached out to our organization in order to be a part of our 8th Annual Pet Lovers’ Gala. We were so excited to have her set up during the event and were absolutely wowed that all profits from the night were donated to us.
We are grateful for her and her giant heart and hope she inspires others to be as kind and giving with their talents.”
Service Rep, Floyd County Animal Rescue League
“Rebecca Heishman writes with a heart that’s as big as the world—because her topic is her passion. The Misadventures of Millie: Rodney & the Legendary Cricket Family Rescue is dedicated to ‘…all of the rescued dogs who have flooded my heart with the only unconditional love I’ve ever known…‘ and within those first few pages, we understand why Rebecca has become such an impassioned advocate. We see life through the eyes of Millie, the Heishmans’ own rescue dog; we laugh at her escapades and cry right along with Millie’s human parents whenever something goes wrong; we enjoy Millie’s   interactions with Rodney, the house-mouse and The Cricket Family that share her space. Most important of all is we believe a dog—this dog, Millie—can talk! By the end of the book, we’ve become every bit as impassioned about rescue dogs as Rebecca—even me, an old cat lady! So please step into The Misty Neighborhood and enjoy! This book will warm your heart, whether you are young or old, and I’m sure you will be reading The Misadventures of Millie over and over and over again.”
Author of Island in the Clouds
“Rebecca Heishman is an amazing writer! The stories about her rescue dog Misty (and now Millie) are truly unique. These books are such a benefit for so many people of all ages. There are no words that can explain the way we feel about our pets. These funny books explain how pets see their people. The love they feel for us, the hilarious situations we have with them and the confusing reactions or emotions they show—somehow Rebecca puts their emotions into prospective for us. The proceeds from the sale of her books are donated to animal rescues and shelters. I would like to personally thank her for everything she has done for the pets in our community. Thank you so much, Rebecca!”
Director of Animal Adoption Network, Inc.

“It has been said that ‘a person who has never had a relationship with an animal has part of their soul unawakened.’ Rebecca Heishman has a beautiful way of sharing this special relationship. Her writing reflects her soul’s awakening.”
Hillside Animal Clinic – Floyds Knobs, Indiana
“Rebecca Heishman, who is fondly known as Becky, is the author of The Misadventures of Millie.  A few years ago our library held a health fair and Becky shared a table at this event with the Clark County Chapter of the   American Red Cross’ Pet Therapy Group.  As anyone who has read The Misadventures of Millie knows, this story is one of pure love; that this little dog finally found her forever home with Becky and her husband, William.  This pure love permeates every aspect of Becky’s life, from the work she does with animal welfare & rescue to   donating the proceeds from her book sales to various pet organizations—in particular the aforementioned Pet Therapy Group.  Becky is a shining beacon in our midst and every person who meets her is warmed by her   presence.”
Public Services Librarian
Jeffersonville Township Public Library
“Becky is an inspiration to animal advocates and    writers everywhere. Her books are fun to read and hard to put down. When she isn’t writing she works tirelessly with animals, animal charities and fundraising events. She has personally donated her time and books to two charity events I have personally been involved with this year. The animals couldn’t have a louder more loving voice in their corner.”
Author of Jethro Guardian Angel
Director of Promotions @Kritters.org
An Animal Non-Profit Organization

“What could be more comforting to a young child than sitting down to read about a special pet who provides humor and laughter and creates many memories for a family as well! My grandchildren, great nieces and nephews have thoroughly enjoyed Becky’s writings of Millie’s adventures.”
Retired school counselor

“Becky Heishman is one amazing person. Her concern and work and all-out effort in animal welfare/rescue organizations are legendary. She has turned a beautiful little dog book (The Misadventures of Millie) into a national phenomenon. Her popular book blossomed into a full-scale series—the second book now out and, we hope, is just one of dozens more to come.  What a lot of people may not know about Becky Heishman is that she donates every dime of her royalties from books  sales to those very organizations that help those little dogs and animals in need. Every time one of her books is sold, another little animal somewhere is helped. She’s a dog whisperer, of course, but she’s also an animal support angel to boot. You go, girl! Those little dogs need you, as do many other critters out there in distress.”

Screenwriter, poet, teacher and author of numerous books, including “I Knew a Woman” and “Thigmotropism”—both of which were Pulitzer Prize nominees
“If you remember the cartoon Calvin & Hobbes, I swore the creator was a VERY PRECOCIOUS six-year-old kid because he (Bill Watterson) captured the little boy so well. I’m beginning to think you (Becky) were a Chihuahua/Doberman in a prior life! I so look forward to the Millie stories.  Please keep them coming! We all tend to anthropomorphize our pets and Becky captures perfectly what a little dog who thinks she is a Doberman would say if she could talk.  Millie is so cognizant of her onerous duties as guardian of the neighborhood, and particularly porch patrol, and outwitting her loving human parents, as well as learning to tolerate the “Fluffhead” Poodle who has taken up residence in her home.  Every time Millie talks about the “Chunky Monkey Starvation Diet” the vet prescribed, I can’t help but giggle.  I would love to meet Millie in person!”
Villa Park, Illinois

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