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The Misadventures of Millie  is the little book that evolved from the popular Facebook community page Misty-the-Dog and Friends. Join a loving community of people from all over the world who cherish their pets, find peace in the beauty and splendor of nature, love to laugh, and delight in the joys of simple living.

Once upon a time Millie  was a malnourished backyard breeder’s victim. Fortunately, she was rescued, loved back to health, and is now a seven-pound ball of little-dog frenzy—full of attitude and her own opinions!


There are plenty of heroes in the world of crime-fiction, each with their own personality and style. Ike has earned a seat at that table, but, being Ike, he prefers to find his own table…and let others sit with him. A former US Navy SEAL, Ike’s current position as an enforcer for a local bookie often puts him in close contact with an element of society most of us fortunately never see. These encounters usually lead to trouble and Ike routinely inserts himself at the center of it all to make sure innocent people aren’t hurt. Ike has a tendency to...shall we say...bend some of the rules...and even break a few on occasion, but his moral compass is always strong and true. It’s this very behavior that has readers of Tim Baker’s novels calling him “Robin Hood on a Harley” or “…an off-white knight in shining armor.” Thirteen Stories. One hero. Path of a Bullet explodes from the barrel with the first tale about Ike’s encounter with a not-so-scrupulous Santa and follows a deadly trajectory until it hits a bull's-eye with a Thanksgiving story that has Ike questioning his purpose in life. Ike dispenses justice at a rapid-fire pace until the only danger in Flagler Beach is a traffic jam on A1A.

A short story written by Rebecca Heishman is included in this exciting anthology. Like Rebecca Heishman, popular Florida author Tim Baker is a supporter of animal welfare and wildlife preservation. 

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Author Rebecca Heishman's insightful storytelling has been compared to the likes of such greats as Bill Watterson (author of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes) and E.B. White (author of Charlotte's Web). Her stories are set in the mythical, magical Misty Neighborhood, a place where animals are free to be happy and loved. This latest installment by Rebecca Heishman follows the adventures of Millie the dog and her new acquaintances-turned-friends Rodney the bachelor mouse and a family of crickets who desperately need some help. Millie is always up for adventure, so when she encounters an old bachelor mouse who has taken up residence behind Millie's mom's dryer, life gets a whole lot more interesting for everyone. Now she has someone (smaller than herself!) to terrorize. An unlikely friendship is forged when the two join forces to help Calvin the Cricket and his family escape the dark recesses of the basement.

The Misadventures of Millie

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PATH OF A BULLET - A Collection of Short Stories featuring Ike